Consultation and Inspiration

After we review your client inquiry form and if your project is a great fit, we will send you a quote for your project. Once you approve and send us a signed copy of the contract back we would like to set up an onsite one hour design consultation to go over your project details. 

This day you will get to meet our lead designer and walk her through your space. We will take on site photos and measurements and take notes on all the existing furniture and architectural details you would like us to incorporate into our design. From here on, we will brainstorm and research all design possibilities and will get ready for our first design presentation.

Decorative pieces in a room

Design and Implementation

At AUD we believe your homes are personal and special to you. So we like to make this a very collaborative process between our designer and clients. Our lead Designer Ayesha will present a full design package with all furniture selections to the client to choose from. If we are remodeling, Ayesha will provide a list of different materials and finishes for the client to choose from. 

Once the client makes their selections, we will go ahead and render all the furniture and design decisions into your space for you to review before we go ahead and make any purchases and before the contractors can start their work. We will provide elevations, 3D photorealistic renderings for you to visualize your space even before we start working on it. This is the most exciting phase of design.


The most exciting part of any project is to see it finish. Once all the construction/remodeling phase of your project is done. 

We will schedule an install day to bring your spaces to life. In small design projects, we will have all the big pieces of furniture delivered to you directly and once you have all the furniture we will schedule an install date to put it all together. We independently shop for all final accessories. 

We take great pride in bringing unique and one of a kind final touches to each and everyone of your project. This truly sets us apart and makes your project stand out from all the others. We believe in a collected and lived in look and feel of our home and love to pass that along to our amazing clients.